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We're excited to meet with you and work together to create the ideal designs for your wedding day!

We ask that our clients fill out this survey prior to the first consultation so that we can minimize the time spent filling out paperwork, and instead discuss flowers. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients and create a vision that accurately portrays who you are as a couple.

We look forward to meeting with you!

-The Team at Mullica Hill Floral Co.

Couple's Names *
Couple's Names
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Date of Wedding
Is there a photographer/videographer you are working with? If so, please list their contact information.
Please include start times for the reception and ceremony and addresses of the venue(s).
What is the theme/color palette of your wedding? Describe the overall aesthetic you'd like to achieve.
Please list some of your favorite flowers, flowers you prefer we didn't use, any allergies you might have, etc.!
Do you have a Pinterest Board/Dropbox? Mood boards give us a real sense of what direction your wedding is taking! Please link below.
We are more than happy to work with your budget, and guide you during your wedding consultation! Please note that flowers/foliage are more costly out of season or during holidays, or may not be available to us, depending on the date. If something is unavailable, we will happily work to find a suitable substitute for you! Our FULL-SERVICE WEDDINGS tend to run $3,000+. For more intimate weddings, we offer À LA CARTE services. Please visit the the WEDDING + EVENT page of our website for more information.